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Why use Vyond? If anything, post this on YouTube, where apparently ANYTHING is accepted!

Honestly pretty good! If I have to give some constructive criticism, i'd say to maybe use some assets from other sonic games for the ground and backdrop. Other than that, nice job!

ChaosDemonV1 responds:

I'll keep that into account the next time I do something like this. Thanks for the feedback!

Not really "shorts", it's just a "short". But otherwise, pretty good.

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Nice job on making a not-expected sequel! The fake end truly got me, and the X's origin was kinda heartbreaking. Nice job!

This is a pretty good game! It NEEDS to be front paged!

Letmethink2 responds:

Aha thanks but I'm sure the mods know what they're doing in not front paging it.
EDIT: nvm it's there now lol

You didn't really "make" this. You just stole somebody else's Scratch project and put in new assets. Nice job on spilling acid into somebody else's project (that you stole) and naming it your own.

PlazmaDerp responds:

Well, yeah. I don't use newgrounds to post good stuff. It's just a site where I post my games and see what the community thinks

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Almost 11 whole years, and this song is still awesome. Good job! :)

This is really cool! I like it.

If I made a Sonic game, I would use this music.

Wait a minute...

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This doesen't look half bad! Nice job!

smooth-criminal13 responds:

Aw man you've made me realize my tablet is now 10 years old because of this drawing! Dang that Wacom is hangin in there! XD

You honestly have some of the best art out there. Keep up the good work!

This is pretty good!

Also, not gonna lie, but I think you got one of those travel chairs. You know, for camping!

A person who loves video games. I sometimes animate and make backgrounds for the show Alex's Odd Life, but I mostly do voice acting.

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